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Avery Elle Pigment Inks

Hello hello!! It’s Kristie Larsen here. I’m a little late today but so excited to be sharing some fun new things with you! I had a hankering for some new inks so I thought I would try out the Avery Elle pigment ink line and give you a bit of a review.  I got a whole slew of colours from Lisa and the moment they came I set to work! Let me show you what I made today using Avery Elle Pigment Inks and hopefully you can find a few good tips in here too. Lets get started!


Products used in this project:

Also, here is this months sketch that I worked off of.


Here are the colours I picked up. If you are looking to jump into an ink line, I highly recommend purchasing quite a few at once. For sure a few varying shades of red (I have here pink, orange and red shades), a few greens and always a yellow! That way you know you can stamp flowers. Which is something I love to do. I also threw in a lovely blue shade. They have a few more in their line, but I thought this would give me a good start.


I started by making sure they would all layer ok. Because pigment ink is kind of paint-like, I thought it would look great with the  ‘water-colour’ style of these new My Favorite Things stamps. Which by the way I LOVE. So excited to have them in the store. You should definitely check them out! I think they are easier to line up then other water-colour flowers I have used. Anyway, I liked the sample I tried out, so I decided to make it real on a card.


Next I stamped step 1: a base with Orchid ink (pink). Also, I couldn’t decide the orientation of the card until it was all stamped and it looked better shifted around. So bear with this orientation for just a bit longer.


Step 2: Add the Papaya colour.


Step 3: Adding dark read shading (Cherry). This is also when I decided to rotate the card and fill in the empty spots with leaves in three shades of green (Mint To Be on the bottom, then Celery and then Jungle).


Ok… then I decided to just push it up a notch by adding some black dots. I sincerely love old school polkadot/floral fabric. And I definitely love making my own version for cards. It’s so cute!

I also double stamped the sentiment onto the WPlus9 die cut using the Sapphire ink on top and AquaMarine on the bottom. It gives it fun dimension. (which might be hard to see)


And that’s it! I really love how vibrant pigment ink can be. These inks cover really well. Also, I love the shape and size of the ink pads. This might not be a big deal to some people, but I do appreciate a well thought out product and size and shape plays a role in that for me. The ink pad isn’t too spongy which means the ink isn’t bleeding out of it and making a mess around the pad.  (Something I have battled with using other pigment inks). I feel like I get great coverage and I seemed to keep myself more clean than usual 🙂 Which makes for cleaner results for the final card!  I am very happy with the final results and would completely recommend them to you! I had a great time playing this week.

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you all have a crafty weekend ahead!