1418 Main Street, Rock Valley, IA, United States

Inventory Closeout 30% Discount

After 13 years, A Walk Down Memory Lane is closing
Thank you so much for all of the kind words, emails, texts, hugs and tears I’ve shared with you the past two weeks. I know it was a shock to read my news, and I’m so very sorry we have to close.

Inventory Closeout – 30% Discount

Starting at 10am Friday, April 29, we are marking down everything in the store to at least 30% off.

The 30% discount includes clearance, and IN STOCK albums, page refills, and adhesives. HOWEVER, it DOES NOT include any special order albums, refills or adhesives. We will continue to clearance out what we have IN STOCK and IN THE STORE at 30% off. The clearance discounts do not apply to my mom’s items from Yellow Farmhouse. She will continue to make her baby items, Cricut & Silhouette dust covers, etc at her Etsy Store.

If you want a particular page refill, a particular adhesive refill, or a particular album color and we do not have it in stock, we will special order every two weeks. The special order items will be priced at 15% off MSRP. We have a special order/pre-order sheet at the store, and we are happy to order them for you, but we will not get any more albums, pages, or adhesives in regular orders anymore. We will not be placing any special orders for any other items at this time until after the store is closed.
We have found more surprises from the back storage room and have brought them out into the store, including Stamp School cardstock, inks, punches, frames, alterables, and more!

Gift Certificates and Rewards Points

If you have a gift card to the store, you can use that until May 15. After that, we will be canceling the subscription for that program, and gift cards will no longer be valid.

If you have a Reward Gift Certificate for filling a Reward Card, we will honor that gift certificate until May 15.

If you are a Memory Club member with time left on your membership, you will be able to use your 30% off one item for your remaining months through May 15.

After Friday, April 15, we will not be filling out Rewards Cards or awarding any more Gift Certificates for filling up a card.

Store Fixtures and Furniture

You may come and check out our available fixtures and furniture in the store at any time. However, they will NOT be priced and they will NOT be sold until June 15, 2016. If there is a particular fixture that you would like, you can put your name, email and phone number in an envelope along with the fixture type and the amount you are willing to pay for that fixture and drop it off at the store by June 10, 2016.

Then, we will go through the envelopes and take the highest bid on fixtures if they meet our reserve price. You will have until June 15 to pay for and pick up your fixture. If you do not pick it up, or pay for it over the phone for a later pickup, we will put our reserve price on it and sell it to the first purchaser.

On June 15, we will have all un-sold and not picked up fixtures marked and they will be sold to the first come/first sold purchaser.